Grade 2/3 with Mrs.Rogers

Learning Excellence

Bayan’s Persuasive writing

I think that I should sleep at 10:oo pm.Because I have a lot of energy at 8:00 I can’t sleep.Aryan has a lot of energy too and we play at night. My feet feels like a I have to walk and same as Aryan’s too.My brain thinks about the blue light,my brain thinks about how hard my bed is and my brain thinks about Aryan. I really think I should sleep at 10:00.

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My Opinion

My opinion is Neymar jr. Is the best soccer player in the world.  My reason is Messi and Ronaldo bumped down and Neymar went to first. My example is Neymar has a lot of skills, Ronaldo is bad now, Messi is bad now. My other opinion is Bale is good too.

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I went Agibition for learning plants and animals and some other stuff. The people that attended with me was students and some parent volunteers. We went to the kid zone I made a plant. I went to a Toyota place I played Jenga and a ball game. We went to candy land I got a snow cone. We got to pet a bull. It was AWESOME.  I feel AWESOME about it. I think other classes should go.

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We have been learning about Malala Yousafzai in class. We are comparing Malala’s country Pakistan and our country Canada.

In both countries we are supposed to have rights. We both have stores. We both have a government. We both have clothing. But we have differences too.

Right now the taliban are terrorists who are in Pakistan trying to take over the country while Canada is a country with no wars that they host. We are allowed to wear our own clothing to school and Malala had to abandon her school uniform to wear her own clothing to hide the fact that she was going to school. The Taliban will punish the teachers and principals for teaching girls if they find out. Most schools were closed but Malala’s wasn’t.

Those are some similarities and differences about Canada and Pakistan. I am grateful to live in Canada.

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How Canada and Pakistan are different

Pakistan has war. Pakstan signed rights of a child but the Taliban took over. Women can’t go out without a man. Girls started going to school in disguise. The Taliban punished people who kept their schools open. The Taliban are a group of people who come to countries and make rules.

Pakistan and Canada are the same in some ways. 

We wear clothes. We have stores. We have people. We have schools. We have houses. 

I would rather live in Canada because there is no war.

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