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Student-led Inquiry

The grade 3 students are learning about perimeter in our measurement unit using standard units (cm/m). A small group of students posed the question of what the perimeter of our school would be? Well, let’s find out! The longest unit we had at the school was a 3m measuring tape, which wasn’t ideal but it worked. Soon realizing that a longer measurement tape would be more appropriate, a student brought a 30m tape from home the next day. They were flying! The group even voluntarily spent their recess time calculating the perimeter by adding up the total distances. So awesome!



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Learning Buddies

Our Grade 5 buddies are presenting their Reader’s theatre plays, featuring idioms! Our buddies are teaching us about this fun literary feature. We are being a great audience even though we have “ants in our pants!”


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First Harvest!

We enjoyed harvesting our tower garden last week. With different lettuces and spinach we made a variety of salads. Students cut their produce off the tower, washed it, and helped prepare veggies. It was a bountiful harvest!





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Lessons From Our Language Expert

Mr.Blair, our school Speech and Language Pathologist, is working with our class to develop our language. We are learning to use “Etchy” to help us describe objects or items when we speak and write. The colours of Etchy are (green-group, blue-do, white eye-what does it look like, brown- what is it made of, pink-parts, white-where, orange-what else do I know?).

Today we focused on brown (what is it made of) and pink (parts). Students drew outlines of faces or houses and used various craft materials to create the details. They will be writing in their journals about what parts (details) they made and which materials they used.



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Lessons from a Cardiologist!

We were very fortunate to have Dr.Dehghani visit our class yesterday to teach us about the heart! It was such a great learning experience. He even had students role play parts of the heart/body and create a moving circuit!



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Exploring Properties of Matter



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Our Bridge Building Challenge!

On February 15th the Civic Engineer from Associated Engineering will be coming back to test our bridges! We have just over a week to design and create our bridges in partners. The following pictures outline our materials, rules, expectations and means of testing:





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Today we had a special guest from Associated Engineering teach us about the five types of bridges. We learned about each type’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as created some bridges using various classroom materials!





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Food Groups-Kahoot Quiz


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Tower Garden Beginnings!

Today we plants our seeds for the tower garden! We put soaked rockwool in baskets, planted the seeds, sprinkled them with vermiculite and labeled them. Once they germinate (sprout) next week we will put them into the tower garden and watch them grow!



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Fable Writing

Having learned about Fables and performing Reader’s Theatres with Fables, students are now working together in groups to write, produce and act in their own Reader’s Theatres!

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My 2017 gols

this year I want to beter at  reading,and tying faster,




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Where Would You Live

Compare Regina, Saskatchewan,Canada and Mingora,Pakistan, Our class has been leaning about Malala Youssafzai and how she lives.We are comparing where she lives and where I live.They’re both cities and humans live there.They both have schools and children like to play.They have markets and they have streets.They have cars and houses. They have food and a Government.They have a language and they have animals in their city.

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Bayan’s Field Trip Report

What was the reason for this field trip?What other people attended with you?Learn plants,animals and Agri coulture’s.Max,Noah and Sarha Armstrong.Sarah Armstrong was my group leader.Wyatt and Jacksons groups came to our group a lot I mean it.In four or more sentinces, summarize what happened on the field trip.I grew a plant,I saw a rooster,I saw people milking cows,

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All About My Christmas

I had a very good Christmas. Here are some examples of what I got for Christmas. I got Madden Nfl 17 a video game about football. I got WWE 17 a video game about wrestling. I got a science experiment thing. And a lot of books. I hope you had a good Christmas too.


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What I Did At The Weekend

I went to Vancouver and I went to the acuarium. At the acuarium I got this awesome octopus shirt. My brother got a stuffy because he loves stuffies. And my baby brother got a shark sweater but he doesn’t like it.  I also went to science world from a sea bus and then I had to go to a sky train. I got a plasma ball that has electricity in it that when you touch it the electricity goes to the glass and you can move the electricity. My brother got a thing that you can see above you. My baby brother got a big plasma bike for infants. And I saw my cousins and my uncles and my friends. I went skiing and I past level 2. My brother finished level 1 and my baby brother just watched me and my brother. That is what I did for the holidays. What did you do in the holidays?

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My Goals For The New Year

I have some New year goals that I have to share. To be nice to my brother. To be Mrs.Rogors favourite student. To be a better reader. To do what my mom asks me to do. To listen to Mrs.Rogors and my mom. To stop asking to play on electronics. To lose another tooth in 2017. To be my moms favourite son. To stop blurting out. To hug my mom more. And my last one is to stop asking for toys. That is all of my goals for 2017. 

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These gifts are what I received for x-mas

.x-box one s


A gold and black hat

Hockey sKate’s




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