Grade 2/3 with Mrs.Rogers

Learning Excellence


on September 20, 2016


This year I have a “no homework” policy based on researched best practices for elementary grades. While I want to encourage you to read with your child every night and practice their skills using online education tools or activities, I also value the importance of play. Evenings (especially during the week) should be used to get outdoors and for time spent with family. With that said, the only time your child will come home with “homework” is if they have wasted the class time allotted to them to do their work. If they use class time inappropriately I will send the assignment home to be completed and returned the following day. If work is sent home, please discuss with your child the need to do school work while at school so it does not impede on family or play time, and also ensure that they make time to complete their assignment. Thank you for helping support your child’s learning!

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