Grade 2/3 with Mrs.Rogers

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Prodigy Math

on September 20, 2016

Prodigy Math to students is a fun tech game where their avatars can battle other class members (through answering questions-not violent), they can travel worlds and earn products in the game by answering math questions. As a teacher, it is an awesome assessment tool. I assign all of the questions to students based on specific outcomes we are working on. I receive data for which questions/skills students answer correctly or incorrectly, including how long it takes them to answer each question. I use this data to inform my teaching. Parents I ask that if your child is playing Prodigy at home that they answer the questions independently. This needs to be authentic assessment of their knowledge and skills. You or an older sibling can help read the question if they need clarification for what it’s asking of them, but please do not give them the answers! Thank you for your help 😀

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