Grade 2/3 with Mrs.Rogers

Learning Excellence

Learning Buddies

Our Grade 5 buddies are presenting their Reader’s theatre plays, featuring idioms! Our buddies are teaching us about this fun literary feature. We are being a great audience even though we have “ants in our pants!”


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First Harvest!

We enjoyed harvesting our tower garden last week. With different lettuces and spinach we made a variety of salads. Students cut their produce off the tower, washed it, and helped prepare veggies. It was a bountiful harvest!





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Lessons From Our Language Expert

Mr.Blair, our school Speech and Language Pathologist, is working with our class to develop our language. We are learning to use “Etchy” to help us describe objects or items when we speak and write. The colours of Etchy are (green-group, blue-do, white eye-what does it look like, brown- what is it made of, pink-parts, white-where, orange-what else do I know?).

Today we focused on brown (what is it made of) and pink (parts). Students drew outlines of faces or houses and used various craft materials to create the details. They will be writing in their journals about what parts (details) they made and which materials they used.



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