Grade 2/3 with Mrs.Rogers

Learning Excellence

Learning Buddies

Our Grade 5 buddies are presenting their Reader’s theatre plays, featuring idioms! Our buddies are teaching us about this fun literary feature. We are being a great audience even though we have “ants in our pants!”


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First Harvest!

We enjoyed harvesting our tower garden last week. With different lettuces and spinach we made a variety of salads. Students cut their produce off the tower, washed it, and helped prepare veggies. It was a bountiful harvest!





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Lessons From Our Language Expert

Mr.Blair, our school Speech and Language Pathologist, is working with our class to develop our language. We are learning to use “Etchy” to help us describe objects or items when we speak and write. The colours of Etchy are (green-group, blue-do, white eye-what does it look like, brown- what is it made of, pink-parts, white-where, orange-what else do I know?).

Today we focused on brown (what is it made of) and pink (parts). Students drew outlines of faces or houses and used various craft materials to create the details. They will be writing in their journals about what parts (details) they made and which materials they used.



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Lessons from a Cardiologist!

We were very fortunate to have Dr.Dehghani visit our class yesterday to teach us about the heart! It was such a great learning experience. He even had students role play parts of the heart/body and create a moving circuit!



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Exploring Properties of Matter



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Our Bridge Building Challenge!

On February 15th the Civic Engineer from Associated Engineering will be coming back to test our bridges! We have just over a week to design and create our bridges in partners. The following pictures outline our materials, rules, expectations and means of testing:





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Today we had a special guest from Associated Engineering teach us about the five types of bridges. We learned about each type’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as created some bridges using various classroom materials!





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Food Groups-Kahoot Quiz


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Tower Garden Beginnings!

Today we plants our seeds for the tower garden! We put soaked rockwool in baskets, planted the seeds, sprinkled them with vermiculite and labeled them. Once they germinate (sprout) next week we will put them into the tower garden and watch them grow!



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Fable Writing

Having learned about Fables and performing Reader’s Theatres with Fables, students are now working together in groups to write, produce and act in their own Reader’s Theatres!

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My 2017 gols

this year I want to beter at  reading,and tying faster,




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These gifts are what I received for x-mas

.x-box one s


A gold and black hat

Hockey sKate’s




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What I did on Christmas Holidays

Me and Oliver had a sleepover, sort of. I set up a tent. For Christmas I a OSMO and a whole bunch of Lego. I watched a lot of TV. For Christmas I got a drone. I saw Max O. at the movie theatre. Sometimes I just sat in the hammock doing nothing. On the New Year my neighbors brought me presents. I went to both of my grandmas. And my cousin was there. I also got some gigantic Lego.

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About my Christmas holidays!

On the Christmas holidays I had a lot of fun. I went to a party and I danced in front of the whole audience. When I was done dancing I got a gift from a fake Santa.My friends from New York came for lunch at my house.After we had eaten we played a lot of games. I had fun on the Christmas holidays!

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My New Years resolution.

I want to learn how to ride a skateboard. It’s harder than riding a bike so that’s why I want to learn how to ride it. There is no handles on it that’s  why it’s harder than a bike. It’s very fun. I use to know how to it but I forgot. How you ride a skateboard you put both feet on it then you push with one foot.

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My Opinion

My opinion is Neymar jr. Is the best soccer player in the world.  My reason is Messi and Ronaldo bumped down and Neymar went to first. My example is Neymar has a lot of skills, Ronaldo is bad now, Messi is bad now. My other opinion is Bale is good too.

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How Canada and Pakistan are different

Pakistan has war. Pakstan signed rights of a child but the Taliban took over. Women can’t go out without a man. Girls started going to school in disguise. The Taliban punished people who kept their schools open. The Taliban are a group of people who come to countries and make rules.

Pakistan and Canada are the same in some ways. 

We wear clothes. We have stores. We have people. We have schools. We have houses. 

I would rather live in Canada because there is no war.

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Team work!

Students had to make a “group plan”, work together and use problem solving skills to build a Christmas Tree. It could be 2D or 3D but they had to use all of their cups. They learned that the larger the group size the more important it is to communicate and cooperate!


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Christmas Concert Info

If your last name begins with the letters A-K your child will be performing at the afternoon and evening concert on Wednesday, December 14. Students with last names L-Z will perform on Thursday, December 15th.

You can attend either the afternoon or evening concert to watch your child, but your child will be expected to perform at both performances on their designated day. We have separated students based on numbers, so please attend on the day assigned to you.


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Geologist Presentation

Thank you to Nadene (Wyatt’s mom) for giving our class and Ms.DaCosta’s class such an engaging presentation on geology! The PowerPoint presentation, rock and mineral samples, posters and books were great visuals and made it interesting for everyone. Students were super excited to take home their own rock pet kits too!




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