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What I Did At The Weekend

on January 6, 2017

I went to Vancouver and I went to the acuarium. At the acuarium I got this awesome octopus shirt. My brother got a stuffy because he loves stuffies. And my baby brother got a shark sweater but he doesn’t like it. ¬†I also went to science world from a sea bus and then I had to go to a sky train. I got a plasma ball that has¬†electricity in it that when you touch it the electricity goes to the glass and you can move the electricity. My brother got a thing that you can see above you. My baby brother got a big plasma bike for infants. And I saw my cousins and my uncles and my friends. I went skiing and I past level 2. My brother finished level 1 and my baby brother just watched me and my brother. That is what I did for the holidays. What did you do in the holidays?

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  1. sanaz says:

    Fantastic job Bayan

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